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Opportunity to learn about your patient’s information needs and CR barriers.

Researchers from International Council of Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation (ICCPR) and York University (Toronto, Canada) are looking for willing Cardiac Rehabilitation (CR) programmes / cardiac clinicians globally who will ask their patients to do online surveys. The study utilises 2 surveys.(put this in the box)

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Barriers scale (CRBS), a validated tool assessing barriers to enrolling or fully adhering to a cardiac rehab programme.

The Information Needs in Cardiac Rehabilitation (INCR) validated scale assesses the topics that CR participants identify as most important to them.

Where a participant identifies a barrier or information need, the survey will provide links to resources relevant to this topic.

Recruitment has commenced globally with over 1500 survey responses received from 15 countries, the study will close January 2024. At completion of the study, participating CR sites will receive a summary of the top barriers and information needs identified by participants from their sites. Sites who obtain 50 responses will receive a middle author credit in the final publication.

IACR is affiliated with the ICCPR –

If you would like to take part please contact Dr Sherry Grace (